Meniu Primar


The Raw vegan Baby club is a comunitie were mother meat each other and spent time together with their babys once a week, wich creates a support for learning and changing ideas about alternative medicine as preventing, breastfeeding, textile or eco-diper, fresh vegan recepies as alternatives in their menu, and children baby paint, sing and play in nearby with professionists. Little children (and parents) get used in a eco and healty food medium, where we avoid junk foods and plastic packaging. Different professionals are called for babys and mothers and teach them.

„A long time ago, in the countryside (as well as in the primitive tribes), women used to form a community and they helped each other. This happened in the villages: when a baby was born, the entire village helped in different ways, the women taught the mother how to breastfeed [3], while in the tribes, after the baby turned 2-3 years old, the women used to take care together of the children.[1] This was very important also for the reason that, before becoming a mother, a woman already had knowledge on breastfeeding or other issues related to the children or the household. Nowadays, this custom is no longer put into practice that easily and, after giving birth, mothers often end up alone, having no practical knowledge or support in breastfeeding, tired and overwhelmed by the situation. In Romania, the maternity leave is up to 2 years, which is a great advantage. In certain North and West European countries, though the maternity leave isn’t that long, the mother is provided with free education in breastfeeding at home, from the part of the state, which greatly increases the rate of exclusive breastfeeding until food diversification. In Romania, it is under 13%, whereas in the countries that focus on education on this line, it reaches over 90% (according to the study carried out by the Institute for Mother and Child Protection (IOMC), in partnership with the Ministry of Health and UNICEF.”  –